People often ask what makes PS Executive Centers different from a typical business center?  We’re glad you asked!

When we started the company in 1986, our goal was to offer a unique focus on customer service and value-added expertise to our clients.  From the testimonials our clients have written, excellent customer service is nearly always the first thing they mention.  We believe this is due in large part to our extensive administrative staff training.  It is no accident that the average tenure of our staff is 7 years.=

As the nature of business has changed over the years, PS has adapted to new requirements with innovative programs and services. From the latest technology to providing state-of-the-art facilities and professional business services.

Whether entering new markets or fortifying an existing presence with a field office, our clients rely on us to remove the barriers to their productivity. We understand that any business initiative is measured by its impact on the bottom line.

While we are handling administrative functions, our clients are spending more time focused on their business. Our future growth is linked to the success of our clients’ endeavors and we are pleased to be part of the team.

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