PS Executive Centers has worked closely with Brokers and their clients for over 30 years.  So you can rest assured that your client will be treated with courtesy and professionalism.

We pay commissions to all Brokers whose leads result in a signed agreement:

  • 10% on all offices including expansion offices and renewals during the first 12 months of occupancy, and
  • 2% on all Broker assisted renewals after the first 12 months of occupancy.

Our commission program is unmatched in the industry.  Not only do we pay commission on all renewals, but checks are cut within 7 days of signing!

We also offer free meeting rooms to all commercial real estate agents and Brokers.


How is the commission calculated?

  • The commission is determined by multiplying the Monthly Office Fee times the term for all offices occupied during the first 12 months from initial occupancy.
  • The Monthly Office Fee is the rental of office space for client use, and does not include communications equipment, furniture or services.

How do you handle multiple Brokers?

  • If the client has retained a Tenant Representative, the commission is split between the Tenant Representative and the referring Broker on a 66%:33% basis.
  • If the client is introduced by one Broker, but another Broker sets up a tour, commission is split between the two Brokers on a 50%:50% basis.

When will I receive payment?
At commencement of the initial agreement term, or any renewal term.  Call us today at 800.589.3300 or submit this form.

Questions about Referrals?

Call us today at 800.589.3300 or complete the form below.


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